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New York Daily Photo: Undiscovered Beach
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Monday, 17 November 2008

Undiscovered Beach

This is a beach Manhattan. It is not the palm-fringed beaches of Phuket, the reef-protected lagoons of Bora Bora or the rocky coast of Maine, but it is a beach and if I may say so, a rather attractive one. I was really stunned to run across this by accident on an excursion to the George Washington Bridge.
Admittedly this beach is in Washington Heights, quite a jaunt from from any place that generally comes to mind when discussing Manhattan. And many would argue that this area is further from midtown Manhattan than many areas of Brooklyn or Queens and to champion it as Manhattan is only to be technically correct. That's fair.
So let me rephrase. This small beach is within the five boroughs and accessible by subway, only a short ride from midtown Manhattan.
But there is no need to promote it, for if you find it a little too far, too inconvenient or out of the way, I am sure its habitu├ęs will be quite happy to enjoy this little secluded spot of sand with its rocky outcroppings alone and leave it undiscovered ...

Note about the beach: The beach is part of Fort Washington Park, located on the West Side of Manhattan along the Hudson River. This cove is roughly opposite 171st Street.


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