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New York Daily Photo: Kalustyan's
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Friday, 7 March 2008


Kalustyan's website has 45 pages of spices - 1,322 items. Perhaps you are interested in choosing from a selection of 41 varieties of coconut or over 100 types of lentils or dahl. If you want this breadth and depth of selection, you had better have a large number of patrons - your casual visitor or curiosity seeker is probably not interested in Tamarind paste or an extensive selection of Ghee. NYC delivers the patrons.
It is unlikely you will find a selection like this anywhere else. Kalustyan's, at 123 Lexington Avenue, was established in 1944 by K. Kalustyan and is now owned by Sayedul Alam and Aziz Osmani who have expanded the selection to create an international specialty food market, with a concentration of Middle Eastern and Indian food. They have thousands of varieties of food items - herbs, spices, teas, coffees, pastries, baking products, oils, nuts, seeds, breads, beans, chutneys, etc. Upstairs there are cook wares and a small deli with prepared foods and a couple of tables.
Another nice thing about visiting Kalustyan's is that it is in the heart of an Indian district (one of two in Manhattan). This is the destination if you are interested in having Dosas - try any number of places specializing in them like the Dosa Hut. Also, you can visit Foods of India next door.
Kalustyan's, is my favorite ethnic market - it's pleasant to shop in and is truly exotic with a selection that is wide and deep ...

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If you are interested in ethnic neighborhoods and food, I would highly recommend a trip to Jackson Heights, Queens. I made a pilgrimage there last year and did 4 postings on various merchants and aspects: Indian Gold, Jackson Heights, The Patel Brothers, The Jackson Diner.

If you like Middle Eastern food, you really need to try an authentic Ouzi and Ful Mudammas. I recommend First Oasis in Brooklyn for either dish (or Moustache in the Village for Ouzi.)


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