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New York Daily Photo: Color Brigade
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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Color Brigade

Today is the first day of Spring - I find our collection of individuals and their wears appropriately festive and uplifting. New York City's populace comes in an extraordinary spectrum of colors, both skin and fabric. I came across this group in Union Square Park. When I arrived, the fellow in blue pants was being interviewed and filmed - it appeared to be an unplanned event. As I watched, the group grew in size - they became quite animated as a new member of the color brigade arrived (woman with the bag). It appeared that the level of self adornment and outlandish dress was de rigeur - I would be curious to know if their social circle includes anyone dressed more conventionally.
I have done a number of postings featuring various captures of local color - here are the links:
The outrageous Fashion Forward, People of Color, Narcissism Gone Wild, Snake Charmer, Superheroes, Circus Amok and the more subdued Wood Nymph
Of course nothing tops the parades: Halloween Parade 06, Halloween Parade 07 Part 1, Halloween Parade 07 Part 2, Easter Parade 06, Easter Parade 07, The Dance Parade and the the Hispanic Day Parade.

Note: You have to love those shoes ...

SPRING TIP: This Sunday is the annual Easter Parade, which takes place on Fifth Avenue in the 50s. I have been two years in a row (see the links for the photos for 2006 and for 2007 above). The parade is more of a gathering (no barricades or marching). I highly recommend it - one of the most underrated events in the city. The event goes way beyond Easter bonnets - there is even some full costuming ...


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