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Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I have done business with places like this for decades. They were always just places. Get in, get out. Get your business done. Maybe a friendly chat. Nothing much to admire. Could really use a little sprucing up actually.
Times have changed. Now I realize this really is the end of an era - right here at 159 Bowery. Real, living history. You don't have to read about it or travel to Europe - you can walk in now and meet Brian and his father tinkering in the back. Two generations of a three generation business started in 1910 by Brian's grandfather. More photos here.
Faerman's offers good, knowledgeable service, New York Style. What does that mean? Well, it means we're busy, perhaps a little harried (we're not overstaffed with incompetents) and we need to get to the point quickly. Like a surgeon in ER. Competent, quick. Cut to the chase. No graduates from charm school here. No frills or slick corporate beatitudes like - "How may I serve you today?" which unfortunately is typically code for "I can only recite this line and not really do much to help you."
When you go to a place like Faerman Cash Register you are dealing with the quintessential New York family run business. People who know what the hell they are doing and talking about. The same people answer the phone. No layers between you and tech. A place that's real. And I love the humanity of it all - I miss that.
Of course, you can get all manner of scales and cash registers, both new, used and antique at Faerman. But I imagine you're not reading this for scale and cash register buying recommendations :)
Am I over romanticizing? - not at all. Go see for yourself. Tell Brian I sent you. Don't overstay your visit - they've got work to do. And hurry because I can really feel history slipping right between my fingers and it's a little sad ....

Footnote: In the time I have started this website I have already seen some disappearing acts. CBGB was just down the street from Faerman and is now closed. Space Surplus Metals is out of business.
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