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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Be My Valentine

When I was in elementary school, we all were asked to spend time making and giving each other Valentine's Day cards in class. I always thought this was the norm everywhere, but speaking to others about it as an adult, I found it apparently it is not a universal practice. Looking back on it, this was a nice tradition - everyone was included. Even though the intention was not a romantic one, this must have been a nice day for those who perhaps were not so popular or outcasts for any number of reasons.
A little later in life, this day became the perfect opportunity to give someone whom you fancied a card with the classic message: "Will You Be My Valentine?" or the more assured "Be My Valentine." If there were any prospects or interest at all, this would certainly seal your fate. Who could resist this offering on the quintessential day of romance?
Happy Valentine's Day :)


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