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New York Daily Photo: Ziggy Plays
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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ziggy Plays

I once read in a travel guide that Key West was home to the indolent and the indigent. I really liked the sound of those two words together - they have both two-letter alliteration and rhyme. Not to be upstaged by Key West, I think NYC can lay claim to top dog when it comes to the numbers of people where less than complimentary adjectives (that rhyme and have two-letter alliteration) apply: insolent, insouciant, incoherent, incompetent, indignant, insentient, insistent, indulgent and of course indolent and indigent.
But, however talented, driven and ambitious one might be, I think one begins to realize, especially in a big city where the evidence is ubiquitous, that good fortune is an element in one's life. Anyone can fall between the cracks. I remember a TV program where a son was admonished by his father that one should never speak ill of "man who was down on his luck." It was said with such gravity, that it has stayed with me to this day, making me realize that indigence and indolence do not always go hand in hand.
These were the thoughts that came to mind when I entered the F train from Brooklyn last night and was accompanied by a musician who I had seen and heard before. He wanders from subway car to subway car (exiting and reentering the adjacent car at each stop) and plays a variety of songs with both his electric guitar and miniamp slung around his neck. I really like the feeling he brings to his music and the coarseness of his voice. I gave him a dollar. It suddenly occurred to me that this was a bloggable event, so with only seconds to act, I pulled out my point and shoot camera - all I had with me. As he was exiting the car, it also occurred to me to ask his name. "Ziggy" he replied. "Z, double i, double g, double y, dot com" he added. I tried to confirm the dot com address with a fellow rider, but he was not sure. So, expecting an Internet fishing trip, as soon as I got home I typed into a browser bar and Voila! - Ziggy's myspace site popped up. A feeling of comfort came over me now that he had not just a face but a name and a place to listen to his music.
I also started thinking that I should expand my vocabulary a bit. New words came to mind like misjudged, tenacious, hopeful ...


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