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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Big Deal

Everything is a big deal in New York - big things and little things. Whether it's the tree at Rock Center or doing laundry. But with the enormous, virtually unimaginable plethora of services, isn't everything supposed to be more convenient? Well, yes and no. Only if you have the stomach for it. Because to live well and for your life to run smoothly here, everything requires navigation, negotiation, inside knowledge, strategy, stamina, persistence, attitude, contacts, resourcefulness and a slightly masochistic streak (and yes, money doesn't hurt). Plus, you have want all that the city has to offer - it has to be worth it. Things we consider easy are only easy by New York standards. And if something truly easy actually occurs, then call CNN because this is a Really Big Deal and merits celebration, conversation and is newsworthy. Like a parking spot right in front of your apartment building when you need it.
What does all of this have to do with ice skating? I think you know by now. There are only a few places in Manhattan where you can ice skate and of course they are all a big deal - Rockefeller Center, Central Park and this seasonal ice skating pond in Bryant Park (nice website here). When I arrived, the ice cleaning machine was just finishing up and the kids were chomping on the bit to get on that ice. The New York City skyline and Bryant Park itself make a beautiful backdrop for the urban ice skating experience.
NYC is a revolving door and those who can't keep up just get spit back out. I remember a woman who was a very aggressive, successful salesperson in the printing business from the south who relocated to the big city. She moved to my neighborhood, so I was looking forward to her becoming an addition to my (shrinking) circle of friends. After only a few months and before I could even visit her once, she was gone. In a phone conversation I asked her what had happened. She said she didn't understand why people would live here. Things were just too HARD. Not that she couldn't handle it, but why would anyone want to? I was going to say it's really no big deal, but then I realized that's not exactly true. New Yorkers are a different breed and we feed on big deals ...


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