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New York Daily Photo: Soup Kiosk
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Friday, 7 December 2007

Soup Kiosk

What's better than soup on a cold winter's day? Not much, as you can see by the line at the Soup Kiosk which adjoins and is associated with the historic Fanelli Cafe at 94 Prince Street in SoHo. As we tire of the same choices for lunch, street food becomes a good choice - fast, inexpensive (relatively), and often fresh, home cooked and delicious. My first thoughts when I became acquainted with this place were of the classic Seinfeld skit "The Soup Nazi." This notion was quickly quelled after sampling the food and pleasant manner of Eunique who works the kiosk - for a closer look at our server plying her trade, click here. The kiosk offers a range of several soups, chili (including vegetarian) and beverages. Having soup as a meal brings back memories of the Campbell Soup Company slogans: "Never Underestimate the Power of Soup" and "Mmmm mmm good." The power of soup was apparent when even Andy Warhol could not limit the fame of his art piece, Campbell's Soup Cans, to 15 minutes. When Campbell's was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame in 1994, the judges said, "Campbell's has transcended the soup category to become a symbol of American hearth, home and values." I think these associations are a credit to soup itself as much as it is to Campbell, although they are to be applauded for promoting a healthy meal concept. Apparently in the early years of the company's history, soup was not popular here in the USA as it was in Europe. I know it's heretical to drag in Campbell's canned, condensed soups in a piece about the merits of fresh homemade soup. But just thinking about soup conjures up a whole world of memories - comfort food nonpareil, a wholesome and for many, a simpler life ...

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