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New York Daily Photo: Anomalies
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Monday, 3 December 2007


Global Warming Controversy has its own article in Wikipedia - with separate articles on Global Warming, Attribution of recent climate change, Politics of global warming, Climate change denial, Scientific opinion on climate change, Adaptation to global warming, Effects of global warming, Mitigation of global warming, Kyoto Protocol, Economics of global warming, Low-carbon economy, Global climate model, Ocean acidification, Global dimming and Ozone depletion. The current article on the controversy is dozens of pages long and has 216 references. The subject is overwhelming - I did not have time to make a career of the subject or distill even a reasonable overview of global warming. I have gleaned that at this point although there still may be debate on causes and effects, most scientists do agree there is a warming, surprisingly of only 1.33 degrees F over the last 100 years (of course it is known that even a small sustained change will cause problems.) I recall winters here in the city with cold snaps in the single digits lasting for days but my sense that there has been a very substantial increase in temperatures must be do to selective memory - I'm assured that one must account for natural variations with anomalies and aberrations. This first snow on Sunday seemed peculiar - everywhere I went I saw a slurry of green leaves and snow mixed together on the sidewalks. And I thought this vista of a tree with bright yellow leaves in December with snow falling was also unusual, but maybe it's usually this way or just an anomaly ...


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