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New York Daily Photo: à la Chien
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Saturday, 31 March 2007

à la Chien

The health department in NYC does not allow dogs in restaurants except in very special conditions. Federal Law under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that restaurants allow service and guide dogs at indoor and outdoor dining areas - beyond that they make recommendations only - states govern restaurant health laws (there recently has been some abuse of new rulings regarding pets needed for "emotional support"). Sidewalk cafes where no cooking is being done have been the only spaces where patrons can dine with their dogs. In France, where dogs abound, there are no such restrictions and even the finest of restaurants allow them, even welcome them. Small dogs frequently sit aside its owner or in their lap. Waiters will play with dogs and their toys. Many new visitors to France are actually quite shocked when first exposed to these customary practices. There are a few new dog friendly restaurants such as Fido Cafe where the special conditions of separation of dining and cooking areas have been created. There are several hundred thousand dogs in Manhattan, so any accommodations for dogs will be well met by the myriad of owners in the city. The large dog in the photo was observing the fine dining of his owners at Cipriani in SOHO - he (or she) seemed to be quite well behaved while doing his poor, hungry dog routine. Click here to see him being rewarded for his patience ...


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