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New York Daily Photo: Extreme Camping
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Thursday, 22 March 2007

Extreme Camping

This photo was taken in front of Grace Baptist Church on Broadway and 10th Street - click here for second photo. At first glance, this looks like a typical homeless scene, but on closer examination of the photos I think not. Many of the clothes and bedding look newer and cleaner than people who have been living on the street. Also, note the relatively new looking backpack. It is also unusual to see the homeless as couples like this. So my conclusion - they are travelers passing through. In the summer one can see the occasional camping out of vagabonds in the parks. I have not seen this type of thing in the winter on ice in freezing temperatures. Staking out territory like this in front of a prominent church on Broadway is quite a brazen act. Homelessness and vagrancy are very politicized issues in NYC - views are seen differently of society's responsibility to its citizens and an individual's responsibilities to make reasonable efforts to provide for themselves. Attempts to get individuals off the street has to be done legally and carefully - homeless shelters have improved, but many reject them for a variety of reasons. And the cost of housing continues to soar ...


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